CDM from Safetyform

The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) apply to all construction work including new build, refurbishment, alterations, conversions, repair and maintenance, and demolition, regardless of the size and duration of the project.

We work in partnership to eliminate the potential risks of today’s operations, removing their associated costs. As a result, your organisation can focus its resources on improving performance, and achieving its full potential.

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Client CDM Advisor

Whilst any external advisor cannot assume the legal duties, responsibilities and/or functions of the ‘Client’, some dutyholders require independent health and safety advice to supplement their own skills, knowledge and experience (SKE). The procurement of specialist expertise to support the delivery of quality construction projects may be both necessary and effective, particularly in the short term while further expertise is developed within the Client’s organisation

Consequently, although not a specific role defined in the regulations, some customers appoint ‘advisors’ to support them in the discharge of their client duties under CDM.

Safetyform provides a fully comprehensive CDM advisory service with a designated ‘CDM Advisor’ allocated as your single point of contact throughout the whole project. Working closely with you to ensure that you fulfil your duties as required by the Regulations, your CDM Advisor can:

  • Provide advice on the proposed management arrangements for the project (Reg. 4 (1), (2))
  • Advise on the pre-construction information (Reg. 4 (4))
  • Ensure that pre-construction information is issued to those that need it (Reg. 4 (4))
  • Assist in preparation of a ‘Clients brief’
  • Assist in the selection of the project team (Reg. 8)
  • Assist in ensuring a competent Principal Designer is appointed (Reg. 5, 8)
  • Where appropriate, notify the project to the enforcing authorities via the HSE form F10 (Reg. 6)
  • Participated in Design Risk Workshops
  • Monitor the Principal Designer to ensure they are carrying out their duties (Reg. 4 (6) (a))
  • Participate in design review & co-ordination meetings
  • Assist the client in appointing a competent Principal Contractor (Reg. 5, 8)
  • Confirm that a suitable Construction Phase Plan has been drawn up (Reg. 4 (5) (a))
  • Advise on the suitability of welfare facilities (Reg. 4 (2) (b))
  • Check that the arrangements for managing a project are being maintained (Reg. 4 (3))
  • Conduct regular site audits and inspections to an agreed number / frequency (Reg. 4 (6) (b))
  • Check that the Principal Contractor is carrying out their duties (Reg. 4 (6) (b))
  • Advise on arrangements for completion and handover
  • Check the Principal Designer has prepared the Health & Safety file (Reg.4 (5) (b))
  • Provide advice on the suitability of the Health & Safety file (Reg.4 (5) (b))

Principal Designer Appointment or Support

Design decisions made during the pre-construction phase significantly influence the health and safety of everyone affected by the work. CDM 2015 requires the Client to appoint a Principal Designer and Principal Contractor where there is, or is likely to be, more than one contractor working on a project. The Principal Designer (which may be an organisation or individual for smaller projects) therefore takes control of the pre-construction phase of any project involving more than one contractor.

As the Principal Designer appointed to your project, we will undertake a number of activities to fulfil our role and help you discharge your duties effectively. To that end, we will:

  • Provide assistance to and / or plan, manage and monitor the Pre-Construction Phase of the project and co-ordinate Health & Safety matters. (Reg. 11 (1))
  • Assist in the preparing of the pre-construction information (Reg. 11 (6) (a), 12 (3))
  • Provide the pre-construction information to all who need it (Reg. 11 (6) (b), 12 (3))
  • Ensure that designers comply with their duties (Reg. 11 (4))
  • Provide advice during the design phase on Health & Safety matters (Reg.11 (1) (3))
  • Provide advice on operation & maintenance of the structure (Reg. 11 (3) (b))
  • Ensure that all people working on the project co-operate with each other (Reg. 11 (5))
  • Liaise with the Principal Contractor (Reg. 11 (7))
  • Attend project progress meetings during the construction phase, as necessary
  • Ensure that the Health & Safety file is prepared (Reg. 12 (5) (6) (8) (10))
  • Additional Services: –
  • On behalf of the Client notify the project to the enforcing authorities (Reg. 6)
  • Assist the Client in appointing a competent Principal Contractor (Reg. 5, 8)
  • Provide advice on the arrangements for managing the project (Reg. 4 (1), (2))
  • Assist in ensuring that suitable welfare facilities are in place (Reg. 4 (2) (b))
  • Confirm that a suitable Construction Phase Plan has been drawn up (Reg. 4 (5) (a))
  • Check that the arrangements for managing a project are working (Reg. 4 (3))
  • Conduct regular site audits and inspections to an agreed number / frequency) (Reg. 4 (6) (b))

Construction Health & Safety Advisor

Safetyform provide advisory services to small and medium sized contracting organisations, to ensure compliance with the duties of the Principal Contractor.

  • Provision of health & safety policy
  • Provision of policy and procedure documentation
  • Preparation of a Construction Phase Plan
  • Preparation of risk assessments & method statements
  • Provide advice on safe systems of work
  • Delivery of on site tool box talks
  • Audit of management arrangements
  • Site auditing & inspections (monitoring)
  • Advisory service on any construction related SHE topic
  • Assistance with accident & incident investigation & reporting
  • Assistance with accreditation bodies such as CHAS & Safe Contractor
  • Assistance in obtaining ISO certificates of approval for OHSAS 18001, 9001 and 14001